Resident Salary:
This program provides a competitive salary, with a comprehensive benefits package for residents enrolled in graduate medical education. Residents are provided with health insurance, vision, dental, prescription benefits, life insurance, disability insurance, and professional liability insurance. Resident salaries are below:

Level Annual Salary
PGY 1 $54,000
PGY 2 $56,000
PGY 3 $58,000

Resident Contract:
Click here to view the Southeast Health Graduate Medical Education Training Agreement.

Health/Dental/Vision Insurance:
Residents are eligible to enroll in single or family coverage under the Health Reimbursement Account Plan, administered by United Medical Resources, during the first thirty (30) days of employment. Premiums are paid a month in advance, and coverage is carried through the last day of the pay period you work as an eligible employee. Health/Dental/Vision Insurance coverage becomes effective the first day of the month following your hire date. Additional information can be provided by contacting the Human Resources Office at 334-793-8001.

Child Care:
A child development center for children of Southeast Health personnel is located on the Southeast Health campus. Admission is open to eligible children, ages 6 weeks through 14 years.

Free parking is provided on the Southeast Health premises. Patrol of the facilities, unlocking doors, escort to vehicles, assisting with cars that will not start at night, helping with flat tires, lost and found department and general response to problems are part of the assistance provided by Southeast Health Security.

Access to appropriate food services is provided free of charge when on duty.

Exercise Facility Access:
The Living Well Fitness Center is adjacent to the Southeast Health campus and is available to Southeast Health employees for a reduced membership fee.

Lab Coats:
Residents are issued two white coats for their PGY 1 year and one each for PGY 2 and 3.

PGY-1 will have 10 vacation days per year
PGY-2 and PGY-3 will have 15 vacation days per year

Smart Pager Application:
Program provides paging services subscription for smart phone users.

Call Rooms:
Residents are provided eight secure and safe sleeping rooms, computer area, kitchen, break room and an area with secure lockers.

Resident Library:
Learning resources are available 24/7 to each resident.

Exams and Professional Memberships:
The program provides funding for the following exams:

  • USMLE Step 3 and/or COMLEX Part 3, first attempt;
  • IM-ITE Exam, annually; and
  • ACP Membership is provided the first year. For the second year of residency, the program will provide 50% of the membership fee.

Education Leave:
The program provides educational leave to take exams and for conferences as approved.

Alabama Medical License:
Initial licensure is paid by the program for the first year. Subsequent licensure renewals are the responsibility of the resident.